Unite Summit Career Matrix
Over a dozen teachers have quit from Summit schools during the current school year. While we are unfortunately used to high turnover at our schools, this many teachers quitting in the middle of the school year is unprecedented.
Summit needs to fix its worsening teacher retention crisis. Staying at Summit as a teacher should be a long-term, sustainable, viable, and valued option.

Please fill out the survey below (all questions are optional) to help us in our contract negotiations with Summit. We will not share any personally identifiable information with the Summit management bargaining team, only aggregate results and comments as needed during our mediation sessions.
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What is your role?
How many years (including this year) have you been teaching at Summit?
If you had to make a choice right now, would you return to teach at Summit next school year?
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Please provide any context or explanation for your choice
How would the following impact your decision to return next year?
This would make me MORE likely to return next year
This would have NO IMPACT on my decision to return
This would make me LESS likely to return next year
A probationary period of TWO years, after which you could only be disciplined or fired through a fair process and for clear reasons
A probationary period of FIVE years, after which you can be fired through an unclear process with vague criteria
Extra staff to support English Learners and students with IEPs
Guaranteed pay increases each year
Adding 16 days to the work year
Being required to attend at least 10 after school events
Ability of your school site to set bell schedules, work hours, PD topics, and other important issues
Health and safety protections for undocumented, trans, and non-binary students and staff
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Is there anything else you'd like to share about teacher retention at Summit?
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