2020 Self Storage Manager of the Year Nomination
• The company/facility must be a current member of GASSA.
• Must have been in your current role as facility manager since at least June 1, 2019.
• Must email to cbyrd@asginfo.net at least three digital pictures, including entering manager and your facility.
• Entries may be submitted on behalf of a facility manager by a supervisor or co-worker.
Is the facility a GASSA member? *
Name of Manager *
Name of Facility *
Address of Facility *
Please describe areas of interest such as Obstacles overcome (zoning, construction, etc.)/Occupancy performance, particularly over projections/Community impact/Innovative marketing campaigns/Collaborating vendors, etc. Be creative and go into as much detail as possible… this is your chance to toot your own horn!
Please include facility overview: such as location, date of opening, # of facilities, # of units and occupancy.
Any additional reasons we should choose your candidate as the winner?
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