Info request for 2 day Boost Camp, growth hacking workshop, December
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We use this opportunity to also ask some questions to better understand your demand.
by - strategic growth hacking consultancy
event date: December 4th and 5th, 2019
location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
If anythings changes, we will notify you by email.
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read Tomas Herzberger's book "Growth Hacking"
read another German growth hacking book
read an English book about growth hacking
took a in-person class or course
took some online training
read some blog posts
only heard about it. Didn't really study it yet.
What growth challenge brings you here?
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Do you work directly or indirectly for a growth (hacking) agency or consultancy. *
We understand that a lot of freelancers and agency employees are interested in the knowledge and skill set. We simply ask to understand demand. This is not to disqualify you.
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