Airbnb/Long-Term Let Information Request, Damage and Functional Failures Form
To let us know about anything that crops up during ordinary life either when staying on Airbnb in the Cabin or during a Long-Term Let. This means you avoid having to engage in problem-solving if you have a busy working life or are having a relaxing stay! This doesn't mean you don't have the option of contacting us direct - just if it's easier for you or if, occasionally, we are out of contact, then fill in the form instead.
Security Question (this is an open form) - give something distinctive that physically identifies the property - colour of the inside of the front door, make of the boiler, wifi network name. *
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Would you rather not give your name? (for instance, if you don't want to be deemed to be reporting damage caused by someone else!)
If you answered Option 2: "No problem with giving my name" to the above, who are you?
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Nature of any structural or furnishing/fitting damage
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Nature of any functional failure (i.e. equipment or utility supply failure - water, electricity)
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Is any damage/failure accidental, beyond your control, or generally just wear-and-tear *
Location of damage or functional failure (if not self-explanatory)
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Is the situation stable, or are circumstances deteriorating and in need of prompt action - i.e. small water leak (water leak - structural deterioration), a smoke alarm "battery low" beep continuously going off during the night (your own ability to live with the problem short-term is deteriorating!). If the problem is critical phone us or knock on our door anytime - if you smell gas phone 0800 111 999. If the linked smoke alarm system has gone off in one area without apparent cause please remember to check all rooms including basements for smoke before reporting a faulty unit. In the Cabin this includes outside the front door. *
Would you prefer to fix it yourself, or have you in fact done so? *
If "yes" to the above please record costs of any materials purchased (new batteries, light bulbs etc.)
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If the problem is fixed within a reasonable time period, are you broadly happy with the experience or would you like us to contact you to discuss the matter further? *
Do you just need information (i.e. information in order to be able to fix or operate something or understand what is wrong)? If you do then raise any concerns you have or ask any questions here.
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Further comments?
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Thank you. We'll aim to check the form every day. Don't forget to click on "Submit"! *
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