Sign up here to be included as talent in the 2022 Victorian Walks in downtown Guthrie, OK. By completing and submitting this form, all talent agrees to dress in period-appropriate attire during the Victorian Walk events. All talent also agrees that GTCF, its members, and the City of Guthrie are in no way liable to losses or damages incurred during or in connection with these events.
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How many people in your group? *
Are there minors in your group? If yes, please note that a parent or guardian is responsible for getting minor to and from the event. *
What talent will you be performing? Those wanting to be in a live window, put "window actor". Those wanting to be on the street, put "pedestrian actor". *
Do you wish to be inside (live window) or outside during the Walks? *
Which evenings will you attend? *
Do you need assistance with costuming? (Note: period-appropriate costumes are required for talent.) *
Talent IS allowed to collect tips and donations from guests. Will you need payment beyond tips and donations? If so, how much? *
By submitting this form: You agree that the above information is accurate to the best of your ability, and agree to arrive on time and participate in these events as submitted above. If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, you agree to let GTCF know as soon as possible. Lastly, you agree that GTCF is not liable for any stolen property, damages, injury, or loss of any kind in regards to these events.  Thank you for participating in Guthrie's Territorial Christmas Celebrations! *
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