Sheldon Sculpture Hunt
Follow the clues to find outdoor sculpture throughout the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and create your own sculpture tour. When you find the right artwork, fill in the title and artist.

As you explore, take a photo of yourself, or your group, with your favorites and share with us on Instagram @SheldonMuseum #SelfiesAtSheldon

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Name/Team Name
Sitting high in the sky
Right outside the museum doors, ladder-like steps lead up to the seat of this sculpture.

This would probably not fit under your dining room table.

The artist uses both raw and finished granite stone for this work.

Title and Artist
The white travertine of Sheldon provides a nice backdrop for this sculpture that's a little over life-size.

You can tell this artist was influenced by Cubism and artists like Pablo Picasso, in the fragmented body of this figure.

While the sculpture is quite abstract, one can still make out eyes, a head, and shoulders. What else do you see?

The title of the work might make you think something is missing... maybe a bathtub.
Title and Artist
Float on
This bald figure hovers with ease over the Sheldon Sculpture garden.

The pose this woman holds might be somewhat difficult.

With winter coming, this figure is going to be quite chilly.

Did you know... this artist used his wife as inspiration for many of his works.
Title and Artist
Creepy Crawly
This sculpture seems to crawl past Westbrook Music Building.

The color and structure of the sculpture seems very minimalistic in style.

While it resembles an abstracted, geometric bug, this sculpture would be quite hard for you to squash given the size.

Did you know... this artist's daughter has a work up in our "Person of Interest" exhibition.
Title and Artist
Fit for a goddess
The title of this sculpture comes out of ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Being an abstraction of the mythological subject, this sculpture does not include recognizable figures.

The sculpture seems to rise out of the ground just outside Architecture Hall.

The forms of this work recall the painterly gestures of Abstract Expressionist artists.

Did you know... this artist spent the early part of his career as a portrait sculptor. He even did a gigantic portrait of Babe Ruth!
Title and Artist
Don't box me in!
You can clearly see this sculpture as you look west from the museum.

This figure looks somewhat uncomfortable, squished into a confined geometric space.

This work is an example of figural realism.

Again, this figure will probably be quite cold when the snow comes.
Title and Artist
Perfect Balance
At over forty feet high, you definitely won't miss this sculpture on your way to Richards Hall.

Brightly colored, geometric shapes are piled one on top of the other and give this sculpture a dynamic feel.

The "wheels" on this sculpture give the illusion that it could move.

Did you know... this artist started his career as a sign painter and then went on to make kinetic (or moving) sculptures.
Title and Artist
Parallelograms, rhombuses, angles, OH MY!
You may need to think back to your elementary math class, this sculpture consists of two flat, interlocking parallelograms... Remember those?

Depending on where you stand, this sculpture can either look two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

Printmaking students in Woods Hall have a nice view of this sculpture out their windows.

Looking through the negative space of this work, you get a nice look at the previous sculpture.

Did you know... this is part of a series of sculptures, aptly named "Flat Illusion."
Title and Artist
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