2021-2022 Enrichment Signup
Please fill out this brief form for EACH student in your family that is interested in enrichment. Thank you, in advance, for your time and for helping us to serve you effectively!
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Example: 3rd, Mrs. Brown (NOTE: 6th-12th grade do not have a homeroom)
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Please check all options according to your preferences and availability. Daytime lessons (elective and/or PE times) are subject to class times and approval. Please include more specific day/time preferences (especially for Before/After School options) in the "Anything else" section.
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GFCS pull-out program? *
If your student is in ALP, ASP, Language therapy, Learning Lab, Search and Teach, they are in the GFCS pull-out program. If you don't know what any of these are, they are likely not in the program.
GFCS team sport? *
If your student is in JH/HS at Faith and they are in football, cheer, volleyball or any other team sport, please indicate "Yes". If your student is not in Jr. High or High School they are NOT in a team sport at Faith.
Anything Else?
Please share day/time lesson preferences here or anything else that might be helpful for us to know regarding your student's individual needs, desires or anticipated schedule limitations throughout the year.
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