Mad Camp July 20-24 2023 Application form! [DEADLINE WAS March 1st... please get on the mail list for the *possible* second wave of last minute ticket sales!)
Mad Camp is a 5 day summer camp in Northern California for mad people!

Check out

Please note - the deadline for ticket applications has passed. There might be more last minute tickets however, depending on how many people confirm and how much money we have and the lodging situation - so - if you want to join Mad Camp 2023 and didn't apply by the deadline, don't despair, just get on the mail list and watch closely for news of the extra tickets! Also check the facebook page. More info at

We want to feel stronger connection with you – the amazing incredible people of the mad movement, and we want to enliven our community solidarity with each other. Since the early days of the movement summer camps have been an antidote to burnout and key to weaving friendships and sharing our vision. We are called to reignite this spirit through MAD CAMP!

Spaces are limited!
Here are the estimated ticket prices, which include all meals and lodging and no additional costs (transportation not included).

$ 800 - Two room cabins per person
$ 650 - One room cabin per person
$ 550 - Tent per person

We do have limited scholarships! You can mark your need below. (We worked hard to sort out the finances for this, let us know any questions.)

We have to balance factors on who can join - including scholarships and group composition - plus we want to make sure everyone coming understands what this summer camp for mad people is about - so please fill out this application form!

And make sure to read the Frequent Questions on the Mad Camp website here:

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Email *
Are you ready to commit to Mad Camp July 20-24 with a deposit on your ticket by March 15th?

If not, please check back later to fill out this application when you know you are ready to apply. We may need to get a $350-$500 deposit by March 15, 2023, depending on the budget projections, so that we can secure the venue. If you are unsure, and are trying to raise money for yourself or get an organization to sponsor you and do not know if you will be able to come up with a deposit by March 15th, go ahead and fill out the application but let us know when you would be able to come up with a deposit and we will let you know if we can accommodate!

***Deadline to apply is March 1st 2023***

Space is limited! 

We will be in touch by March 15, 2023 to confirm your application with details about how to send the ticket deposit. Filling out an application is not a guarantee that you will be able to join Mad Camp as space and scholarships are limited.

(We are doing it this way because we have to secure the funds for the venue rental, so we have to know how many people can actually pay, now, and we have limited space, and we might not have space for everyone. We are just a small crew of volunteers and we don't have any money ourselves to cover things. Please check our Frequent Questions for more info.)
Have you read the frequent questions page on the website and want to join us at Mad Camp, including that this is an event by and for mad people?
What are your name and email address?
What is your phone number?
Please say a little about yourself and why you're excited about Mad Camp! A sentence or two, a few key words... *
Have you read the Mad Camp website and understand Mad Camp is for ourselves as mad people, we are not going to focus on other people or as part of our work as helpers for others etc etc? We are mad people gathering for ourselves (this is not an event for parents, spouses, case managers etc - other supporters are welcome to stay nearby if you like). Does this make sense and is this you? Let us know any questions, you can also contact us. *
The Mad Camp space has one large floored gathering building, lawns and a patio, but doesn't have paved pathways between cabins and buildings. So basically it's not really wheelchair accessible - which is really not our ideal (and if you have any ideas about this let us know - we need help). Let us know any mobility issues you have and we will do our best. Also let us know any other disability access issues you may have.
We're not against substances. But because of the rules of the retreat center (and the space we are trying to create) means Mad Camp is not for alcohol or drugs -- not for getting high on substances, is that ok with you?
Clear selection
Mad Camp welcomes people taking or not taking medication. Mad Camp is not a place for a change from your regular intake of meds or a time to come off meds. Shaking up your life with travel and new people away from home etc is not a time to make big shifts in substances, that includes psych meds or stopping nicotine. Mad Camp is a summer camp, too many factors involved (if you use medical cannabis contact us).  *
Do you understand that we aren't organizing transport to or from the venue? (We'll try to connect people for rideshares etc but can't guarantee anything! The site is 2 hours north of San Francisco on public transit, the transit fee is $26 each way.) *
Can you offer a rideshare? If so from where to where, or maybe you can do some shuttles to public transit on day of?
Do you understand we are renting the space and we all get kicked out at the end, so you have to have a place to go afterwards, and we aren't organizing this?
There are different lodging accommodations based on pricing and availability. Please tell us your preference and any must-have requirements. (We don't plan to split cabins up by gender identity.)

Most of the accommodations are shared with one or two other people.

Two room cabins (estimated $800 per person) do not have doors, so are not completely private between the two rooms.

One room cabins (estimated $650 per person) have two twin beds.

Tent camping (estimated $550 per person) is the cheapest option but you will need to bring your tent and sleeping bag.

Some cabins have a longer walk to a shared bathroom and some cabins have a shared bathroom in or next to the cabin. Tent camping also shares the larger bathroom with multiple cabins and is a short walk to the shared bathroom.

Please communicate any needs about lodging (including strong preferences and also any must-have requirements)...

Are you coming with a partner, friend, or a group you'd like us to lodge you together with? Please list all names to put together and we will do our best. 
We want to welcome people otherwise excluded, marginalized, or left out because they are not part of majorities. If this applies to you, let us how how you being at Mad Camp would add to the mix of who is there, including adding people who might otherwise miss out or be shut out? Let us know! Space is limited and we'll do our best to balance the group as much as we can, by prioritizing people and supporting people who might face obstacles otherwise.
Mad Camp is based on non-judgement, confidentiality, respect, personal responsibility, self-awareness, tolerance of differences, and consideration - the basics of good community. Do you agree to follow these guidelines?
Clear selection
Please list all dietary restrictions and we will communicate them to the kitchen preparers. (All meals include gluten free and vegetarian/vegan options as well as meat and dairy options.) 
Are there other needs you have that we should be aware of so that we can plan and prepare? How flexible are you with these needs? We'll do the best we can.
Mad Camp is all volunteers! Are you interested in volunteering to organize Mad Camp? Can you volunteer on the days of Mad Camp, or help plan beforehand, or both? What special skills do you have as a volunteer - peer support listening, logistical errand-running, registering people, setup and breakdown, checking people in, driving to the store if we need something)?
For our program and activities, we are self-organizing with free offerings such as group activities and facilitated experiences. Do you have a skill or offering or specialty you want to share with others? Such as music DJ, lead an art group, lead a hike, meditation, story time, crafting, yoga, reiki, music sing a long, hold listening space, teach a class... Participatory is best. We will try to fit it all in, let us know! Also make a note here if you want to perform at the open mic!
If you are in Northern California or nearby -- can you bring pool toys and other supplies that might be awesome for a summer camp? Such as musical instruments, inflatable floats for the pool, extra towels, extra tents and sleeping bags, shade structures (it's gonna likely be hot sunny weather), canopy tent, frisbees, sports gear, weird costumes, flags, hammocks, comfy pillows, art supplies, surprise special snacks, bubble machines, a bouncy castle, those cool sparkler things, your comic book collection, board games... What can you bring???
Do you need a scholarship? 

There are no full scholarships, only partialSo if you need a scholarship, please tell us: 

***what is the highest amount you can afford to pay for your ticket?***

(Estimated ticket prices: $ 800 - Two room cabins per person; $ 650 - One room cabin per person; $ 550 - Tent per person)
Can you donate to Mad Camp? Do you want to personally sponsor someone with a scholarship? Let us know and donate at the website
Is there anything else you want us to know??

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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