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If you're interested in sharing cover reveals, blurbs, teasers, release info, or receiving ARCs as a reviewer, influencer, blogger, or podcaster, please complete this form. Please be aware that several small bloggers were some of my BIGGEST supporters when I started writing and I love you all! Big or small, I'd love to connect with you!

Jennifer Woodhull
Author of books with humor, heart, and plenty of heat. You can find me at
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Disclaimer: People say fuck in my books. Like, a lot. They also have steamy sex, in lots of places, and I write all the details. My books are romance driven (not erotica) but the sexy times are all open door and explicit. I just want to make sure we're all on the same page (see what I did there?), so you cool with f-bombs and o-faces and everything in between? *
I will sometimes make cover reveals, blurbs, and other collateral available ahead of time so you can schedule your posts. By being part of my network of friends, I need to know you'll abide by all release dates and not post anything before the specified date/time. Do you agree? *
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Last but not least, here's the legal stuff: Joining my influencer network, also known as a street team or RIB network (reviewers, influencers, & bloggers) does not imply any privilege or contract. You may be chosen to participate in some events, and not in others, based on the marketing strategy around a particular title. If you read my ARCs and give several titles a low rating, it's cool — we can still be friends, but maybe my writing style isn't for you (I get it - there are some authors who aren't right for me either). Please keep the lines of communication open so we can have a mutually beneficial relationship that works for both of us. If you're cool with all that, type I AGREE below. *
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