30 Day - Get Fit or DieT Trying
If you are interested in the 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge, please input your contact details below.

Training will include:
Specific daily physical exercise /activity challenges.
Daily videos and written instructions illustrating proper workout form and mechanics.
Daily coaching nuggets and guidelines to help promote lifestyle healthy habits
Nutritional guidance learn about your calorie and macro requirements
A dedicated Q&A meeting to discuss in person with your coach and peers.
3 in-person weigh ins for body weight and body fat percentage changes

Registration Deadline 11 Nov.
Contest Start / End: 18 Nov - 17Dec
Lose Fat and Win Holiday Cash!! 50/50 CASH Grand Prize !!
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How committed are you to dedicating the next 30 days over the holidays to being active and more health conscious?
On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being you have the motivation of a sloth and prefer evenings on the couch, and 10 being you would eat broccoli and baked chicken while doing burpees all day if that's what it takes
Bring on the Broccoli and Burpees!
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