MÍOSTA :: menstrual education ireland
After a wonderful start to the MÍOSTA project in 2018 I would love to hear more from everyone who has attended workshops + supported the project so far.

This four part survey asks for feedback on the MÍOSTA workshops, questions on your feelings and experiences of periods, and space to hear what you would like to see from MÍOSTA in the future. The survey is open to people of all genders, whether you menstruate or not, just skip any questions which are not relevant to you!

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes.

[This survey does ask some sensitive questions, for example about how you feel about your period or about affordability of period products. If you feel uncomfortable answering any questions please skip them. Rest assured that any answers you give will be stored safely. Answers from section one + two on your feedback to the MÍOSTA workshops may be used in promotional material but only if you give permission. Your answers to questions in section three about your period will only be used anonymously and I will never include any details that may identify you in any future use of this material. By answering these questions you are consenting to your answers being used in future research material by the MÍOSTA project.]

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