RuhrJS 2019 - Call for Papers
Hello friends and JavaScript enthusiasts from all over the world!

RuhrJS 2019 will take place on October 05th and 06th 2019, so it’s time to invite everyone who would like to present a topic related to JavaScript. We would love to read your abstract, so we encourage you to submit a paper!

If you don’t want to present a topic, but know someone who would be a perfect fit, you can nominate them by sending their name and contact details to:

If you are highly interested in hearing about a particular topic, you can nominate the topic in the same way and we will do our best to find a matching speaker.

All talks will be 30 minutes long and will be held in English. If you are a first time speaker or nervous about your presentation skills, we will of course try to help with that, and if you would like, we will connect you to an experienced mentor.

The abstracts will be anonymized (names, personal information and every connection to you in your abstract will be blacked out on your submission) - only title and plain abstract will be used in the decision making process.

Deadline for submissions will be 31.05.2019 and we try to give you a feedback until the 30.06.2019

If you're selected as one of our speakers, here are some information about your talk and what you can expect from us:

* We cover the following travel-expenses if needed:
- Germany: max. 500 Euro
- Europe: max. 750 Euro
- Intercontinental: max: 1500 Euro
* Additional to travels, we cover a hotel room for you, depending from where you're coming from.
- if you're from europe, we cover the hotelroom from friday to monday (04th- 07th October)
- if you're coming from outside of europe, we will cover a hotel room from thursday to monday (we hope it milds a little bit the jetlag) (03rd - 07th October)
* Our location is fully accessible, if you need some information in advance or technical support, please reach out to: - she is happy to help and will provide the information you need.
* All submissions have to be in accordance with our Code of Conduct

We've collected some links for gender inclusive language also a good to read about ableism:

Deadline for submissions will be 31.05.2019 and we try to give you a feedback latest til 30.06.2019

All CFPs should be provided in english.

All the talks will be recorded, please let us know in advance, if you would like to be recorded or not.

The talks are usually 30 minutes long and there will be no Q&A afterwards.

Make sure your proposal doesn't contain any foul language or titles like: "Make XY great again" or any other political statements.

In the last year we had to go through nearly 400 proposals. It is hard for us to read endless sentences without any paragraphs or commas. We would be happy if you push a little bit of your time into formatting your proposal in logical paragraphs. This year we do not set a character limit for the talks, but we kindly ask you to slim it down to max. 3 paragraphs :)

Your talk
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This question will not affect your proposal. If your company would like to sponsor your travels and accomodation, we would like to list them on our website as travel sponsors. Included is a logo on our website, a description of the company and a link to your companies website. Also we will give a shoutout on social media :)
Code of Conduct *
All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at RuhrJS are required to agree with the following Code of Conduct:
Privacy policy *
We treat your personal data in accordance with the data protection regulations in the EU. If your talk is selected to the program of the conference, we would like to display your name and picture on our website, as provided, optionally with your twitter handle. Your email will only be used for correcspondence regaring the talk at the conference. For more information about our third party processors, please check out privacy policy:
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