New Prospective Business Start-Up Questionnaire
Dear prospective client,
We applaud your desire to consider becoming an entrepreneur and small business owner. At Gineris & Associates, we absolutely love helping small businesses grow and succeed.

As you get ready to consider starting a business, thank you for exploring how we might be able to help you plan prudently and consider tax implications. Thank you for completing this brief form.

1. Why are you starting a business? *
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2. What are you doing now or what have you been doing recently for work/income? (i.e., employed, independent contractor – what position(s) and industry(ies)) *
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3. What is your current pay and benefit package, and will it need to be replaced by this business? *
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3a. Do you expect the business to begin paying you / providing you income? If so, when? *
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4. Are you committing to this new venture full-time? *
4a. If not, how many hours will you be devoting to this business?
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4b. If you ARE committing full time, do you have savings to cover the start-up phase?
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