New Prospective Business Start-Up Questionnaire
Dear prospective client,
We applaud your desire to consider becoming an entrepreneur and small business owner. At Gineris & Associates, we absolutely love helping small businesses grow and succeed.

As you get ready to consider starting a business, thank you for exploring how we might be able to help you plan prudently and consider tax implications. This questionnaire should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

Please complete and submit this form at least 2 business days prior to our scheduled meeting. This will help us think through some things in advance to make our time together more valuable and productive.

1. Why are you starting a business?
Your answer
2. What are you doing now or what have you been doing recently for work/income? (i.e., employed, independent contractor – what position(s) and industry(ies))
Your answer
3. What is your current pay and benefit package, and will it need to be replaced by this business?
Your answer
3a. Do you expect the business to begin paying you / providing you income? If so, when?
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4. Are you committing to this new venture full-time?
4a. If not, how many hours will you be devoting to this business?
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4b. If you ARE committing full time, do you have savings to cover the start-up phase?
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