NNOMY 2020 National Survey

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NNOMY has seen a rate of reduction greater than 50% of regional and local organizations currently engaged in some form of counter-recruitment/truth in recruitment activism. This is happening at the same time as Pentagon programs for youth are expanding in schools. We want to know your group's status, and whether you are still interested in working to limit recruiter access to children and youth in primary and secondary schools.
Is your organization still active?
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Does your organization do counter-recruitment/truth in recruitment?
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Counter-Recruitment and Truth in Recruitment
If it is the case that your organization does not do C-R/TIR, would you be interested in learning more about this type of activism?
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In the case that your organization does C-R/TIR, what activities do you engage in?
Are you interested in hearing about new C-R strategies?
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Do you have a Counter-recruitment/Truth in Recruitment section on your website/social media channel?
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If you do have a C-R/TIR section, is it updated?
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National Outreach
Would you be interested in participating on national campaigns, or campaigns with other groups?
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NNOMY wants to learn how many peace organizations are using interns so we understand how to bring more youth into social justice activism.
Do you currently employ interns?
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If you employ interns, what positions are they in charge of?
If you don't employ interns, would you be interested in NNOMY's help to find some interns near you?
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If you are interested in NNOMY's help to locate interns for your organization, what roles would you like them to assist you with?
NNOMY Resources
NNOMY produces various resources that promote the issue of counter-recruitment. Through these resources, we hope to encourage activists and educate the public on the current Pentagon efforts to militarize our public schools for recruitment purposes. "The Back-To-School kit for Counter-Recruitment and School Demilitarization Organizing" is the main document NNOMY produces and updates every year.

This kit is designed for groups, and it provides a catalog of the most up-to-date counter-recruitment publications available for distribution, print or digital.

You can download the latest NNOMY CR Kit version available at:

Do you use NNOMY's Back-to-School CR kit?
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Do you use other NNOMY resources?
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If you do, which resources do you use?
Do you follow NNOMY on your social media channels? (Facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube)
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If you follow NNOMY on Social Media, please check the platforms that you follow us on:
National Directory of Youth Demilitarization Groups
The NNOMY National Directory of Youth Demilitarization Groups is a national resource to direct groups and individuals concerned with the militarization of their public schools to organizations in their communities that already have programs which address these issues. This survey has been sent to you or your organization because the group you are associated with previously had or currently has an active counter-recruitment program of outreach in your community.

If your group is interested in re-starting a counter-recruitment program or establish a C-R/TIR resources page on your community website or social media page, please contact the NNOMY office at admin@nnomy.org and indicate that you would like to be contacted to receive more information in your email. If your currently have a C-R/TIR program and wish to be listed in the directory, go to the link below this paragraph and fill out the information on the self service form. You will be contacted by someone from the NNOMY office to vet and confirm your data:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! We plan to follow it up and contact your organization within the coming weeks.
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