Sunflower County Freedom Project Internship: Freedom Summer 2017
Thank you for your interest in applying for the SCFP Summer Internship for Freedom Summer 2017!

You only need a few things to apply:
1. Send your resume and a cover letter telling us more about yourself and why you want to be a Freedom Summer 2017 Teacher-Advisor to: We must receive applications by 11:59 pm CT the day of each deadline round.
2. In the same email, include two references (make sure you ask them first!) that we can contact.
3. Fill out this Google Form.

Our Application Rounds are as follows, please note, our teams are small (but mighty) and applying in Round 1 or 2 is preferred:

Round 1: Applications must be in 01/08/2016, notification of interview will be sent out by 01/26/2016
Round 2: Applications must be in 02/05/2016, notification of interview will be sent out by 02/24/2016
Round 3: Applications must be in 03/26/2016, notification of interview will be sent out by 04/14/2016

Due to the nature of our funding, this internship is un-paid, however, we strongly suggest applicants seek funding through their college or university. We have found great success in obtaining funding through Offices for Civic Engagement at many colleges. Robertson Scholars from UNC/Duke will be fully funded.

Ole Miss applicants: Applications must be in by 02/05/2016 to be considered for funding. Funding sources on campus include the Honors College, the Trent Lott Leadership Institute, and Outreach.

Full Job Description:

Your resume and cover letter will be reviewed by our staff. If you’re a good fit for this role, we will reach out to you.
Please email if you have any questions, we want to make sure you have the means to engage in this opportunity and know that we're here to help.

What is your first name? *
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What college/university do you currently attend? *
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What is your standing entering Fall of 2016? *
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Please note if you are affiliated with any of our partners:
Which class would you prefer to teach during Freedom Summer 2017? *
You may select more than one
You will be responsible for teaching an elective club each day. Your topic should be something that excites you and is appropriate for middle school students. Share with us 1-3 ideas of what club you may lead. Don't worry, we'll do the majority of the planning once you arrive in May. (Nothing is binding!) *
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Do you have any conflicts from 05/23/2017 - 07/29/2016?
It's great if you don't, but otherwise please tell us about weddings, graduations, or dog-sitting appointments you may have.
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SCFP students, interns and staff spend the last three weeks of the summer on life-changing trips, here are students crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama
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