CIRRUS Teacher Exchange Feedback
This is a questionnaire about your exchange experience within CIRRUS network with the grant of Nordplus programme.
Your feedback will help us to improve mobility scheme in the future.
Filling out this questionnaire takes about 5 minutes. We assure that the answers will be considered confidential.
Thank you!

Identification of the home and host institution
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Number of teaching hours
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Where did you get information about about NBAA teacher exchange possibility?
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How useful did you find NBAA exchange in the academic perspective?
Please use the following scale: 1 = poor/negative - 5 = excellent
Which aspects of the NBAA exchange period did you particularly appreciate?
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To what extent did the Nordplus/NBAA grant cover your needs?
Please use the following scale: 1=not at all - 5=fully
How do you evaluate the organisational side of the NBAA exchange?
Please use the following scale: 1 = poor/negative - 5 = excellent
Did you encounter any problems during the NBAA exchange period?
If yes, then please specify:
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Do you have any suggestions for improving NBAA teacher exchange?
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Would you like to continue cooperation with the host university in the future?
Please use the scale 1=not at all - 5=very much
In which forms?
Please describe if you have any plans for joint projects (CIRRUS intensive courses?), academic exchange or joint degree programmes in the future
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Overall evaluation of your NBAA exchange: *
Please use the following scale: 1=poor/negative - 5=excellent
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