Noxn's Map Questionnaire
Help me make better maps! This form is the exact same in all of my maps, so one response is enough. FYI, if you want a map downmapped to a lower difficulty, please message me on discord at joey#2275 because I won’t reupload a new version of the map just for one person.
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What genre do you want me to map more?
What difficulty do you prefer to play?
Do you prefer difficult, unique patterns that require interesting movements or simple, meta, flowy patterns?
(Optional but very appreciated!) Additional comments? Examples: Anything I can improve upon? Hate walls? Hate bombs? Love walls and bombs? Hate crossovers? Love high NJS? Favorite map? Least favorite map? (etc.) || Song suggestions welcome, but no promises! I have a commission form available here (  if you REALLY want a song mapped. You may also contact me directly on discord (joey#2275) if you need anything such as downmap requests, pattern changes, etc. and I can make a special version of the map to send to you.
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