2019 Oakland Marathon Sign-up Form for the Sustainable Economies Law Center
Thank you for signing up to join the Sustainable Economies Law Center's team of Run-Raisers*!!!

The Oakland Running Festival is on Sunday, March 24, 2018. The start times for each race are dependent on whether you choose to run the Marathon, Half Marathon, We Run the Town Challenge, Team Relay, or 5K.

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#WorkersRunOakland Fundraiser
*Run-Raisers are runners or walkers who will join us at the Oakland Running Festival and who will ask their friends and family to donate to their Fun-Run-Fundraising page! Don't worry- we'll set up your fundraising page for you. Below, you will be able to choose your own fundraising goal, tell us your story, upload a photo, and choose whether you want to run the Marathon, Half Marathon, We Run the Town Challenge, Team Relay, or 5K!
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This will go on your public fundraising page! Tell your supporters in 1-4 paragraphs why you're participating in the Oakland Running Festival with the Law Center's Labor Squad! If you skip this section, your fundraising page will say the following, "I am running in the Oakland Running Festival because I believe in worker cooperatives and worker self-directed nonprofits! The Sustainable Economies Law Center is working to create more of both! Their mission is to cultivate a new legal landscape that supports community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment. The Law Center provides essential legal tools - education, research, advice, and advocacy - so communities everywhere can develop their own sustainable jobs. I hope to raise $XXX for their campaign. Please join us and pitch in what you can!"
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If you raise at least $300, we’ll pay for your Oakland Running Festival registration fees! If you raise at least $500, you’ll also get a limited edition Law Center marathon shirt!
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Please send Tia at tia@theselc.org a photo that we can use for your donation page. Please make sure the image is less than 1 megabyte in size.
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