UBC Junoon 2017-18 External Committee Application Form
Please view the external committee role descriptions through the link below:

We are looking for:
- Marketing Director
-Finance Director
-Logistics Director
-Music Director

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What year will you be in this fall?
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What would make you a good candidate for the positions you are applying for? (100-150 words)
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What would you be able to bring to UBC Junoon (in terms of external connections or ideas) that would help improve the team as a whole? Why would you be an asset to the team? (100-150 words)
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Are you going to audition to be a dancer on the UBC Junoon team?
How did you learn about UBC Junoon and why do you want to join the team? (100 words max)
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What are your other academic/extracurricular commitments for the next school year?
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Do you have any additional skills we should know about?
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