Witan 2024
As planning for Witan 2024 gets underway we'd like input from SSAGO members to best shape the event to the preferences of SSAGO.

Results from this survey will be used to guide us with making Witan the best it can be and are not binding. 

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What is Witan?
Witan is a SSAGO international trip, past Witans have included Berlin and Kandersteg Scout Centre. In summer 2024, SSAGO will go to Germany to visit Burg Rieneck, a medieval castle and the national centre of the German Scout and Guide movement. Witan 2024 will be a collaborative project with members and attendees from PfAU, the German equivalent of SSAGO.
How would you prefer to travel to and from Germany? *
Sometimes attendees choose not to travel with the rest of SSAGO, either because they extend their trip with their own travel plans or choose to travel in a different way. Would you be likely to make your own travel plans? *
Burg Rieneck has accommodation inside the castle as well as camping facilities in the grounds.

Would you be interested spending part of the trip in a traditional German Scout Tent?
How much freedom would you like when choosing your programme for the trip? *
One of key Witan elements will be a patrol system mixing SSAGO members and PfAU members together. 

Do you like the idea?
How much do you value these types of activities being part of your Witan programme, where 5 is highly value and 1 is don't value at all? *
Culture and tourism
Local food and drink
Volunteering and service
Cultural exchange with PfAU
Typical leisure activities, eg: bowling, swimming or mini golf
Please choose the 5 activities from the list below you'd most like to do at Witan. *
Would you be interested attending a small warmup camp in summer 2023 before Witan to meet other attendees and get excited for the trip? This would be at a small additional cost to the trip. *
Finally, what would make Witan extra special to you?
Do you have any questions or comments about Witan 2024?
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