Connected Kenya Survey
1. To what extent has the ICT Authority involved you to partner in Connected? *
Very little
A great deal
2. During the times you have sponsored or exhibited in any Connected event, what was your experience? *
Very disappointing
Extremely fulfilling
3. What, in your view should the Authority do to give you a return on investment? *
4. What, in your view should the Authority do to enrich the conversations in Connected? *
5. Which areas of discussions/topics would you like to see prioritized? *
6. What other feedback, in your own words, would you like to give the Authority? *
7. What do you feel the Authority should do to enhance your experience in Connected? *
8. In your own words, please give us feedback on how the process of your registration until the conference is over, is handled? *
9. What is your feedback on the ICT Authority handling of vendors and what, in your view, ought to be done to improve on quality of services? *
10. What in your view, is the objective/essence of the Connected Kenya Summit? *
11. What are the things that need to be done to mainstream Connected Kenya and make it an annual ICTA signature event? *
12. What is you preferred time/month to hold Connected? *
13. What is your preferred duration? *
14. What's your preferred location? *
15. What other elements of the Conference would you like included? *
16. Which models can be adapted to make it very useful for the C-Suites, a Wanjiku exhibition event, a shop and market for innovation vendors and buyers, a research ideas exchange for a for academia? *
17. How can ICTA use the event to market the services it offers Mwananchi and MCDAs? *
18. How do we grow Connected to become an international event? *
19. How do we make Connected an ICT goods & jobs fair? *
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