2019 Spring Homeschool/Half Day Registration
Thank you for your participation in our Homeschool/Half Day program! To secure your place, you will need to complete this registration form for each of your children planning to attend the program and make your payment or arrange vendor funds to SCV Adventure Play on or before your start date.
Email address *
Parents, please submit separate registration forms for EACH CHILD who is participating.
We are slated for up to 20 participants per day, ages 5 and up. Registration and Payment will secure this child's place.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting January 7th and ending on May 31st, 2019.

NOTE: You may choose both a Drop-Off program and a Stick-Around program if you choose. For instance, the One Day Drop-Off and the Two Day Stick-Around. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Lightest Touch Policy
Caretakers who remain on site must adhere to the Lightest Touch Policy to maintain an unadulterated experience for the program participants.

This does not apply to siblings younger than 5yrs who may be with a caretaker though we encourage self-structured play whenever possible. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding this policy.


Eureka Villa Adventure Playground is a child led space. We ask adults to continue to support the kids’ play by mindfully “following their lead”.

Ultimately, this means to avoid telling them how to play or inserting yourself into their play unless invited to do so. A general rule… if the play can happen without you, just stand back and observe or hang out nearby.

Relax and enjoy nature and play a little bit yourself if you’d like!
I agree to adhere to the Lightest Touch Policy when on site *
1 Day Program
Wednesdays 1pm-4pm
$120 / month
Parents can either drop their kiddos off or stick around. Dropping off is not required and parents are welcome to stay if they like.

Any shifts in programs MUST be made with a 30 DAY NOTICE, any requests made after may not be honored.
Do you need financial aid?
IF YOU ARE USING HOMESCHOOL FUNDS - Please arrange with your advisor, and skip to the next section!

IF YOU ARE PAYING OUT OF POCKET - Tuition is due on or before the 1st of each month. If you pay before the 1st, it will not be deposited until the 1st. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for getting tuition paid on the 1st even if that day falls on a day in which the program is not running!

NOTE: We can only hold a place for participants who have registered and had their homeschool funds approved.

If you have signed up and paid for certain days, but decide you want to add more, please contact us as soon as you know. Though we have a cap on how many children can be in the program each day, we will always try to accommodate you. The sooner we know, the better chance you have for adding days.

Please note: you will not receive refunds for inclement weather days (it is commonly only severe weather that causes cancellations). No refunds will be made for days not used.

Checks should be made out to "SCV Adventure Play" and sent to:
SCV Adventure Play
30651 Arlington Street
Val Verde, CA 91384

or you can pay online here (there is an added 2.5% fee for online card purchases): https://www.scvadventureplay.org/store
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