Drop In Guest Registration
* This form is required for any overnight guests that are not registered, but staying with an existing leasee
* Overnight guests 18 and over are $10 per night per guest - children under 18 are N/C
* A maximum of 6 drop in guests per site including children
* 1 ATV charge for drop in guest $10 per day staging fee
* 1 ATV charge including 1 drop in overnight guest $15 (daily charge)
Email *
Today's Date *
Guests First & Last Name/s (For all drop in guests) *
Site Number & Leasee' Name/s (Who you will be staying with) *
I agree and understand that there is a $10 fee for each drop in over night guest to a maximum of 6 people including children per site. (Children under 18 years are N/C) *
I agree and understand that there is a $10 daily staging fee per ATV (or) $15 includes 1 adult overnight per ATV. How many ATV's do you have? *
Number of drop In adults 18 year and older *
Number of drop in children (under 18 years) N/C *
Number of Nights Stay *
I agree to and understand Boundary RV Park's rules and regulations: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mSfHoWxXQtO1NfabLIlu2pqZh_v0O9CC/view?usp=sharing *
I agree to comply with Covid rules *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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