Nexmo: WhatsApp Customer Information
Thank you for your interest in Nexmo's WhatsApp Business solution. To process your request quickly, please complete the form below. It will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Prerequisites for setting up a WhatsApp Business Account with Nexmo:
- A Nexmo Account and API Key
- A phone number with international reach from the USA
- A Facebook Business Account and Business Manager ID

Please ensure that your business meets WhatsApp's Commerce Policy:

For help finding any of the above details, please see:
Business Contact Information
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The name of the brand that will be using WhatsApp
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Partner Name
If applicable; name of the Partner managing the Company onto WhatsApp
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Nexmo Account Manager's email address
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This must be the Business Manager ID of the Brand that will be using WhatsApp, NOT a partner or agency. To locate your ID, please see screenshot below or visit this link:,
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Please provide a screenshot of your Business Manager Account at
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WhatsApp Business Use Case
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What type of messages would you be sending with WhatsApp? *
Please note that Marketing / Newsletter / Promotional messages are not currently not supported
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Estimated monthly messages volume *
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WhatsApp Account Details
Brand name *
To be displayed on your WhatsApp profile. Note: this cannot be changed once submitted and must comply with WhatsApp's Display Name guidelines:
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Email address(s) to be added to the WhatsApp Manager *
These users will able to create message templates. Please list them below, comma separated
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Is your chosen WhatsApp phone number a Nexmo long virtual number (LVN)? *
Using a Nexmo LVN will reduce the onboarding time. Visit here to purchase a Nexmo LVN:
Phone number's country code *
Phone Number [without country code] *
Please do NOT include "0" or the country code. For example, +44 7788 123456, please only enter 7788123456
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Details to appear on your WhatsApp Profile
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Wording for "Description"
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Company mailing address
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