Kitten Coin Airdrop #2 - Registration
Kittens love to spread their gorgeous coins to the world, kitten lovers are the most beautiful people in the world.

Everybody can apply for Kitten Coin airdrop 2, only 2 conditions are required :
- Having more than 0.05 ETH in your wallet at the time of airdrop
- Register only once, do not try to cheat - any suspicion of cheating will be automatically disqualified and blacklisted
Please read rules here :

Airdrop 2 will be limited to first 10 000 subscribers, bounty bonus will be issued :
- +100% for buyers from limited sale -
- +30% for Airdrop 1 subscribers
- +20% Followers of @KittenCoin on Twitter -
- +20% for retweet of @KittenCoin
- +20% for Telegram channel members -

Airdrop distribution will start after limited sale objective is reached.


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