The 'Power of Language' Parent Workshop cum Open House 漢迪家長工作坊暨開放日2021
We sincerely invite you and your child to attend our Parent Workshop cum Open House and explore strategies to provide your child with the 'power of language' to enhance their success and confidence! Join the Kendall teachers as they demonstrate specific 'parent-friendly' strategies to use at home which easily builds foundational language skills for your child.

An early 'gift of language' is perhaps the most profound way to kickstart your child's entry into their formal education armed with confidence and a strong 'can-do' attitude!

Details are as following 詳情如下:
Date 日期: 3/7/2021 (Saturday 星期六)
Time 時間:Session 1 第一場 - 上午9:30am-上午11:00am
Session 2 第二場 - 上午11:30am-下午1:00pm
Venue 地點:
Kendall International Preschool - Cheung Sha Wan campus 漢迪國際幼稚園 - 長沙灣校舍
G/F, RESIDENCE 228, 228 Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan, West Kowloon, Hong Kong. (1 min walk from Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station A2 exit)

Activities 活動內容:
"The Power of Language" Workshop 「 語文的力量」工作坊

Part 1 第一部分:
Parent Seminar 家長講座
Wittgenstein’s quote, “the limits of my language is the limit of my world” profoundly underscores Kendall’s belief that ability without language is a life unfulfilled. Language is powerful and giving children this gift is perhaps fundamental to their academic and social success. More than content knowledge, technical ability or even strength of computation – language is the ‘glue’ that connects people to thoughts, ideas, meaning and society.

Speaker 講者:Dr. Wil Chan
Founder and Director of Kendall International Preschool 漢迪國際幼稚園創辦人兼總監

Part 2 第二部分:
Parent Workshops 家長工作坊
Music 音樂: A Child’s First Language 我們的第一方言
There is clear research on the connection between elements of music and language acquisition. A child’s natural tendency toward syncopation, rhythm and ‘call-response’ can easily be captured to foster phonics, vocabulary and receptive/expressive language skills. Ms Colette, Kendall’s music educator will lead parents through a range of activities to demonstrate this powerful connection!

Conversational Reading 講故事 論故事: (English 英語 and Putonghua 普通話)
It is common knowledge that the ability to read is the best predictor of a child’s future school success. Parents can ‘super-charge’ their child’s abilities through the use of ‘conversational reading’ strategies that promote the use of open-ended questions designed to foster thinking, reflection and a new level of comprehension and curiosity! Kendall’s Ms Karen and Chen Laoshi will use common readers available to demonstrate this amazing parent-child activity!

Instructors 導師:Kendall International Preschool teachers 漢迪國際幼稚園教師

Limited seats available, first come first serve 座位有限,先到先得!

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