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Given the number of spam registrations to the site, all legit registrations are now back-doored through the admin console. So, if you want a pen name on Ad Astra and you're not a spam bot, just fill out the form and someone will set it up within 24-48 hours tops. (But probably much faster because my real life is boring. >.>)

Once I get your response, I'll set up your desired penname and e-mail, then release it to you. You'll get an e-mail with a temporary password, which you should then change to a secure password of your choosing. After that, you should be good to log in!

Remember that submission verification is still in place, so please be patient when submitting stories to add to the archive.

Gmail and Yahoo are now allowed again thanks to the alternative registration system. Hotmail doesn't allow us to register, however.
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