Combat Conditioning Conference - VIP LIST
BREAKING NEWS - Boxing Science will be pulling together the leaders in sport science for boxing and combat sports in a truly fantastic online event - The Combat Conditioning Conference.

After a successful launch in 2017, Boxing Science return with the world's only online conference dedicated to Boxing and Combat Sports. We bring together world class practitioners leading the way in sports that require elite physical performance probably more than any other!

Our online conference will consist of exclusive presentations, webinars, documentaries and video interviews. We have confirmed some world class speakers, including Physiotherapist Rob Madden (AJ and James Degale), Nutritionist Dr Scott Robinson, UFC PI coaches Duncan French and Bo Sandoval and, of course, the Boxing Science team.

Here is your chance to be the first to find out AND get an EXCLUSIVE early bird discount.

The conference will be the first of it's kind in boxing and combat sports - an incredible learning experience to help take your knowledge, coaching skills and physical performance to the next level.


- Strength and Conditioning
- Psychology of a champion
- Athlete case studies
- Physiology
- Nutrition for world-champions
- Exercise tutorials
- Psychology

Why should I be part of the Combat Conditioning Conference?
If you're serious about success, you should not miss out on this opportunity. Whether you are a coach, boxer or personal trainer, you will gain so much knowledge from the Combat Conditioning Conference.

You will be learning from world champions, aspiring boxers, experienced coaches and high-qualified practitioners that have spent THOUSANDS of hours and pounds on developing our knowledge, gaining experience, performing research and producing educational tools.

Now YOU have the OPPORTUNITY to learn bundles of new lessons that you can apply to your profession.

Why should I leave my details TODAY?

We will be launching the Combat Conditioning Conference in later in May, So why should you book today?

SIGN UP FOR FREE TODAY - and you will be part of our VIP list where you will receive an EXCLUSIVE discount before the launch of the Combat Conditioning Conference.


To wet the appetite, we have put together a special PRE-LAUNCH BUNDLE to set you on your way...... Totally FREE!

- Plyometrics for boxing webinar
- Punch Harder e-book
- Accelerated Performance Series - Our Free Weekly E-mail Series

Leave your details below, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you

The Boxing Science Team

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