Raleigh Dance Theatre's 2019-2020 Season Company Audition Pre-registration
Saturday, May 18th
Registration begins at 2:30
The Raleigh School of Ballet
3921 Beryl Rd.
$20 fee may be pre-paid or $25 on day of audition
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Potential conflict(s) with rehearsal/performance schedule. Please note: RDT generally rehearses Tuesday and Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and occasionally other times. Intensive rehearsal period Wednesday, August 21–Thursday, August 29, 2019 and Tuesday, September 3-Sunday, September 8, 2019 (M-F 4:00-8:30; Sat 11:30-6; Sun 12-5) *
Indemnification: release The Raleigh School of Ballet, Inc./The Raleigh Dance Theatre from liability for injuries to the person or property of the student which may occur while participating in the activities of the School or the Company. I further agree to indemnify The Raleigh School of Ballet, Inc. in the event any of the claims are asserted against it arising from the student’s participation in the activities of the School or its affiliated company. *
I understand an audition fee of $20 will be collected prior to May 18 or $25 on the day of the audition. Cash or Checks (preferred) should be made out to Raleigh Dance Theatre. Credit card with $2 handling fee also accepted. *
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