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Calling all BIPOC women creators ! It's finally here ! A multimedia platform that focuses on OUR stories, OUR loves, OUR perspectives, and OUR cultures - *SunKissed Media* has entered the chat. The SunKissed Media platform was created to amplify the voices and experiences of BIPOC women, including but not limited to those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ and differently-abled communities.

The platform will consist of short-form videos, short stories, photography exhibitions, and poetry created by YOU. So if you are a BIPOC woman creating original content in any genre that does one or all of the following :

1. Focuses on social justice, equity, and inclusion.
2. Seeks to break stereotypes
3.Thrives on love, joy and unity
4. Tells a story of triumph!
5. Celebrates BIPOC women!
6. If you are unsure if your content matches 1-5, submit anyway! Because if you found this page it means you resonate with our message.

Although we are in the beginning stages of our media platform, we would like to pay a small stipend to those creators whose content was ACCEPTED to live on the SunKissed Media platform. All that we ask in return is you submit ORIGINAL content.

**** PLEASE READ:  We will only review content created by BIPOC women *****

Thank you ! Any questions email:

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By submitting your content, you (the “licensor”) represent and warrant that your submission (the “material”) is your original content, and you hold all rights necessary to submit and license the use of said materials. Licensor also represents and warrants that use of said material shall not be in violation of any third party right of any kind (including without limitation, any worldwide copyright, trademark, patent, trade name, publicity right, privacy right and/or other intellectual property right or other third party right of any kind) and/or any applicable law, rule, or regulation. Licensor represents and warrants that no portion of the materials shall be subject to any lien, encumbrance, security interest, or other restriction of any kind or nature at any time. If your material(s) is selected by Sunkissed Group LLC, licensor hereby grant to Sunkissed Group LLC a non-exclusive worldwide license to display the materials, in whole or in part, on licensee's websites, social media, print media, and any other platforms used by Sunkissed Group LLC, for the term of in perpetuity (the “license term”) commencing on the date your Materials go-live on said platforms.  Sunkissed Group LLC reserves the right to remove materials from any managed Sunkissed Group LLC platforms prior to the termination of the license term for any lawful reason with no prior notice required. In no event shall Sunkissed Group LLC be liable under this agreement to licensor for any incidental, consequential, indirect, statutory, special, exemplary, or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, loss business opportunities, and damage to good will or reputation. Licensor shall indemnify and hold Sunkissed Group LLC (including its agents, employees, affiliates, directors, officers, and permitted assigns) harmless from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, demand, suit and expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees) ("loss") which may be incurred by Sunkissed Group LLC as the result of any third party claim, demand, suit, or proceeding ("claim") made or brought against Sunkissed Group LLC to the extent based upon or arising out of the usage of materials and the terms of this agreement. The Parties hereby agree that any action arising out of this Agreement will be brought solely in any court located in Pennsylvania. *
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Although we LOVE our men, Sunkissed Media only showcases content created by BIPOC women. Thank you for your interest!
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