Driveline Marketing Intern
Job details
Location: Kent, WA
Full Time
Wage: $2,500/month

6 months commitment from start date (end date is flexible).

Candidates will be expected to work ~40 hours per week.

This is NOT a remote position. It is located in Kent, WA. No financial relocation assistance is offered, though we will put you in contact with a number of affordable short-term housing options upon accepting the role, if offered.

Intern Job Description
The Marketing Intern will play a key role in the video marketing of the Driveline Baseball website, publications, and events. In this role you will be responsible for the creation and editing of high-quality company videos and client digital strategies.
The Marketing Intern reports directly to our Marketing Manager to ensure all elements of marketing content sync with one another. They achieve this by working collaboratively with other members of the marketing team, and other departments within Driveline.
We are seeking talented creatives from a variety of backgrounds.
You are highly engaged every day to help create quality content to achieve marketing goals.
You are a creative problem solver, who asks good questions.
You are eager to learn.
You are able to immediately connect with strategies and philosophies leading to completion of team goals.

-Creating and editing video content.
-Collaborating with other members of marketing for production of content.
-Working with our other departments to continuously improve our reach.
-Administrative duties: scheduling meetings with members of other departments, tracking hours, planning recording time.
-Computer literate and proficient with Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.

Candidates applying for this position should be able to lift up to 50 pounds unassisted repeatedly throughout the workday. Also, the physical requirements of this job require frequent walking, bending, throwing, stretching, lifting, pushing, pulling and squatting performed daily.

-Excellent leadership and verbal communication skills.
-Two years of video editing experience.
-Excellent "feel". That mix of empathy, common sense and likability that makes people trust you.
-Experience using or teaching Driveline's programming.
-A history of independent learning.
-Creative solutions to unique limitations.
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Remember, this position is NOT remote. It is located in Kent, WA, just outside Seattle.
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