The NYUSPS CALA Spring 2019 Film Series brings you "Crime and Punishment Around the World: Incarceration on Film". The notion of crime as an illegal act that is punishable by a government authority implies a clear differentiation between right and wrong. Mass incarceration further symbolizes the concept that a physical space drawn in bars and walls can impose a simple order onto a world that defies borders and neat categories. The purpose of punishment is to avenge, to incapacitate, and to deter, but does it work? Is justice served more than it is not? And might the abuses of mass incarceration be inherent to its practice? This series of international films takes a closer look at different interpretations of crime and punishment and what they say about a country’s values, collective identities, and understanding of history.
We're sorry but this online list is now closed. Thank you for making the NYUSPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts Spring 2019 Film Series a success and our Fall 2019 Film series will Be announced over the summer
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