To be eligible for this $80,000.00 scholarship you must:
* have at least a 3.2 high school GPA
* upon graduation, show evidence of enrollment in a four year college or university and plan to live on campus or in off campus housing
* plan on majoring in any of the science, technology engineering, math, education or business fields.
* provide the required financial information.
* financial need will be a component of the scholarship.
* complete the required essay.
* participate in an interview process.

This application must be submitted from the website no later than 3:30 P.M. on Tuesday April 2, 2019.

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Name of school you will attend upon graduation? *
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This scholarship is reviewed and approved every semester. To receive following installments, the applicant must:
* maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA (out of 4).
* participate in non-academic activities at his/her school.
* if possible, participate in a summer internship program.
In 300 to 500 words please explain why you are interested in and qualify for the Miller Family Fund Scholarship. Please address some or all of the following issues in your essay
• the area you plan on studying and why.
• any plans for post graduate studies and if so, in what fields
• your career goals
• your financial needs and the impact of this scholarship
• reasons you will be successful in these goals
• where you see yourself in 10 years
• role model or mentors in your chosen field
* any other information you feel may be relevant
* why should this $80,000 scholarship be awarded to you

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