The purpose of this survey is to collect real time information from members about how COVID-19 measures are impacting on businesses and clinical service delivery. The results will support AHPA in understanding the needs of allied health providers and support advocacy work focused on the current needs of allied health providers. One of the key questions we would like to address is how providers working under different funding schemes/with different client cohorts are being impacted and whether there are significant differences.
1. In which state or territory are you based? *
2. Where is your business located? *
2. Are you: *
If you are an employee or contractor, has your employment been impacted due to closures and social distancing restrictions?
Have the JobKeeper arrangements had any impact on your employment?
What are the primary income sources for your business? Please provide an estimated percentage for each in the 'other' section.
If you employ staff or contractors, have you reduced the number of allied health professionals you employ or contract?
What % FTE have you decreased? ____%
How has your revenue been impacted as a result of COVID-19 restrictions?
Have you been able to access state or federal funding to help you maintain services?
Which services have you accessed?
What is the main area of your work?
What are the primary focus areas of your clinical work? (Up to three responses allowed)
At what level of capacity are you or your business operating?
Are you currently receiving any new referrals?
How are you delivering services? Please tick which boxes apply and then specify % in 'other' section
What percentage of your clinical services could be provided via telehealth?
Are you experiencing barriers to take up of telehealth-based services?
Are you experiencing barriers to the delivery of face to face services?
How do you expect COVID-19 will impact on your business/employment over the next 3 months? (choose all that apply)
Has your ability to pay professional membership fees been affected because of the limitations COVID-19 has caused?
Has your ability to undertake professional development been affected because of the limitations COVID-19 has caused?
Would you be open to attending a virtual conference set up by the ASDC?
Would you be open to attending a virtual educational day set up by the ASDC?
Is there any other support or materials that would be of benefit during this time?
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