APAF Rental Application
Hello! We are thrilled that you are interested in using the Arcadia Performing Arts Center facilities
(APAC) to produce your event. This application is the first step in the process. Please include all
details of your event.

Please fill out and hit submit! Our Production Manager will be in touch to customize a package that's right for you!

Please note:
-All Outside Production/Rental held dates are secondary to AUSD and APAF Programming and
Education performance holds.

-Under no circumstances is any date confirmed until the APAC Facility Use Rental Agreement
and deposit have been received and countersigned by APAC.

-Proof of Liability Insurance will be required one month prior to your event.

-A 501C-3 Letter of Determination must be presented to APAF to receive Non-Profit/Community
Rental rates and tax exemption on ticket revenue.

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Please note if it is performance or rehearsal. We recommend that you select several dates to choose from.
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Please note the time you want to begin the rehearsal or start the show. Include any special requirement times you'd like to get in the building.
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Anticipated Audience Size and Ticket Price Points? *
Please note: Free Events, Non-Ticketed Events, and Events for which you request printed tickets will incur an Administrative fee. Using our box office system to sell your show will waive this fee and your audience will pay a surcharge per ticket. YOU MAY NOT PRINT YOUR OWN TICKETS.
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Will we sell your tickets or just print them for you? *
Need Moving Light Package?
This comes at an extra charge for equipment rental and staff to operate. These are LED Spot and Wash moving light fixtures- generally useful for concerts and theatrical productions. They look best when used with Haze.
Need Haze?
This comes at an extra charge for the equipment rental and staff to operate. Used to emphasize moving lights and create a concert atmosphere.
Need a Projector? *
This comes at an extra charge for the equipment rental and staff to operate.
Need a Spot Light? *
This comes at an extra charge for the equipment rental and staff to operate.
Need Wireless Microphones? *
This comes at an extra charge for the equipment rental.
If Yes, How Many?
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Need the Orchestra Shell? *
This is typically only used if you are doing a full sized orchestral concert and need the acoustics of the building to change. This comes at an extra charge for the equipment rental and staff to setup and strike.
How many performers do you estimate backstage? *
We use this to determine dressing room needs. If you have a large group that needs additional spaces on campus, a surcharge will apply.
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Which Performance Venue are you interested in? *
Anything else you think we should know before contacting you?
Don't skimp in this area. Tell us everything you think we need to know before sending you a quote.
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