UVFC General Manager Search Input
Comprised of four current board members, the General Manager (GM) Search Committee seeks feedback from our membership & community to help us identify the key qualities and characteristics of a new GM for our specific store. Please share your thoughts; all responses are anonymous and will be discussed only in aggregate. 

UVFC Ends (our co-op's vision): 
Our co-op will be central to a resilient and connected Upper Valley community. Because of all that we do, people in the Upper Valley will have:

• Access to healthful, affordable food
• A supportive market for local farmers and producers
• Education and resources for sustainable, healthful practices
• A place for community connection
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Given the co-op’s Ends (listed above) and commitment to the cooperative values and principles, what qualities should we be seeking in our next General Manager?

What challenges do you anticipate the UVFC facing over the next 5-10 years that the GM will need to navigate?

Do you feel that the board should focus more on identifying candidates with people skills (like communication, team & community building, conflict resolution) or technical skills (like business planning, financial management, administrative functions)?

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How important do you feel it is that our final candidate has experience in the cooperative/grocery sector versus possessing other necessary skills (ex. leadership, financial) that would serve them well?
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Do you hope to have a new GM that is a visionary change-maker or someone who will maintain the status quo?

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Do you have any other feedback that the Board of Directors should consider throughout the search & hiring process?

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