Call for the Compulsory Inclusion of SOGIESC education in schools in KZN.
This anonymous survey serves to highlight the need for SOGIESC education, aims to make schools more inclusive and safe, and hopes to find support from students, teachers, parents and the community at large.
It will take less than 2 minutes to complete, but will help to challenge homophobic bullying and to provide affirming, inclusive science-based information to LGBTI youth.

The acronym SOGIESC is an umbrella term meaning Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression and Sex Characteristics. Children that belong to sexual and gender minorities are targeted for humiliation, discrimination, bullying and violence. In spite of this, schools do not talk or teach about gender diversity or sexual orientation or intersex children or diverse bodies, which leaves LGBTI youth without any information about their own lives. Their schools and peers are also left with misinformation about LGBTI youth, which fuels the harassment and violence that LGBTI youth are currently being subjected to. Schools are not only places of learning for sexual and gender minorities, but also places of trauma, so LGBTI youth often drop out of school just to stay safe. This means that as adults they will not be able to find meaningful employment or support their families.

All our learners need to be taught that gender diversity is part of the normal spectrum of our human existence, and that LGBTI youth are deserving of human rights and the protections afforded by our Constitution.

Your voice is needed to help protect these children.

For more information email Same Love Toti
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