"Nominated" Application -- Introduction
Burlington City & Lake Semester [BCL] is a program offered to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students at Burlington High School who are interested in a real-world, applied, interdisciplinary learning experience. It provides an opportunity for real-world exploration and inquiry, and a chance to build community, both within our smaller group and in Burlington at large.

[This is the application for ADULTS WHO ARE NOMINATING AN APPLICANT.]

If you are nominating a student for this program, it is because you believe Burlington City & Lake Semester is a program that will help them learn and grow. And while real-world learning is exciting, it also asks a lot of the student. BCL will be a positive experience for students who are curious, engaged, and responsible--or those who have shown growth in these areas.

If the student you are nominating is amazing, let us know! If the student is still working on the behaviors, habits, and/or attitude that will help them be successful in this program, that is fine--but please be honest about where the student is starting from. We would rather have the full picture of who a student is than have an obscured view.

Please fill out the form below and the questions on the following pages.

All decisions regarding acceptance will be based on the review of application materials by the BCL Project Team. Your recommendation is a key factor--as is the applicant’s individual merits--and so are BCL’s Mission, Vision, and Commitment to Equity & Inclusion. Overall, BCL is committed to establishing a learning community that is engaged, empowered, and representative of Burlington’s many forms of diversity. Another important factor is related to BHS course scheduling. The BCL team will do our best to work with BHS Guidance and student applicants to build schedules that work for as many students as possible.

Space in the program is limited, so not all viable candidates can be admitted. In the case that the student is not admitted, BCL staff will work actively to support re-application at a later date, and/or establishing the student's BHS schedule.

Note that where "signatures" are indicated, your name on this form will function as a signature.

Also note that after the nominated application is submitted, there is a the final section -- parent/guardian support -- that is an important part of the application, and will require an additional step.

Thank you for supporting this student's access to Burlington City & Lake Semester! This "Nominated Application" is the first step... From this point, the BCL Team will connect with you so that we can work together to support this student's application.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Dov Stucker (dstucker@bsdvt.org)
or Peter McConville (pmcconvi@bsdvt.org).

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