Create Meditate presents Infinite Mind, Creative Mind, Business Mind - Meditation Incubator Registration
Learn to use mindfulness, meditation and visualization for creative, personal and professional development -
A 10 week course with Instructor: Rhonda Schaller

Online course - Web Based
Self-Paced and Self-Directed
$197 - payable through Paypal only

The Meditation Incubator seeks to offer participants an opportunity to learn meditation, deepen creativity through visualization and develop tools for personal and professional development through self-reflection. Using visualization and guided meditation, participants will deepen their creative process and create a meditative lens through which to view and plan their ideas and careers.

The course is designed to help participants establish or deepen a meditation practice, provide practical "hands on" experience in the design and management of a personal development plan through the use of creative visualization and mind mapping, as well as an understanding of how to connect their well-being with career development through journaling and self-assessment assignments.

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Online course - participants go at their own pace
If interested in the teacher training track or private meditation mentoring with Rhonda, please contact Rhonda for more information

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Legal Disclaimer - This educational course is a set of exercises designed to develop essential mindfulness and leadership skills, and you acknowledge that your participation in any aspect of this training is voluntary. There may be certain risks and benefits associated with mindfulness meditation and self reflection through certain aspects of the course activities, and you assume any and all such risks and benefits. You accept full responsibility for your participation in this course, and by virtue of your participation, you waive any claims that you may now or hereafter have against Rhonda Schaller or its representatives in connection with the course activities. *
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