Bio Boot Camps: Scholarship Form
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This letter of recommendation is for someone other than a family member, such as the student's teacher, youth leader, community member, religious leader, who can briefly explain and attest to this family's need for this financial scholarship.

Each year we are able to offer some needs-based scholarships for our Bio Boot Camp summer programming thanks to the generosity of the Bohart Museum Society. Scholarships are typically for 50% of the cost of the camp. In 2018 this equals $212.50 for Bio Boot Camp (junior high level) and $397.50 for BBC 2.0 (high school level). After an applicant has been selected for a spot in the camp and for a scholarship, a special code will be provided. The reduced fee is then calculated at the time of formal registration with UC Davis Campus Recreation.

Priority will be given to new scholarship applicants, but returning campers are certainly encouraged to apply. Please submit this form on behalf of this family before MARCH 9, 2018 by 6 pm. This is the scholarship application. We do not ask for tax forms or pay stubs. We understand that a family's financial situation is a private matter and can be complex, so we may follow-up with an email or call, if we have additional questions.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Tabatha Yang, or (530) 752-0493

For more information about the camps, please visit:

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