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Please fill out this survey to the best of your abilities and earn a 15% off coupon towards our store! One random entry will also receive a $200 gift card. Estimated length: 10 minutes. Coupon expires 6/5.

We will be collecting emails to ensure that everyone answers just once. These emails are just for the survey; they won't be added to any marketing lists.

I (Eric) will spend many days reading every single response and categorizing the things you like and don't like. I use these surveys for all kinds of things! For example, we designed the Celestial Cardigan, Funky Houndstooth Cardigan, boxer briefs, and sports bras based on feedback we received last year!
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How many Sleepy Peach items do you own (excluding accessories/freebies)? If you don't remember, you can give a rough estimate!
How would you describe Sleepy Peach to a friend? Up to 5 words is fine!
Which of these Sleepy Peach categories is your FAVORITE? *
Please view our "2023 Line" product page. Which PATTERN is your FAVORITE? Why? It would be great if you added lots of detail! *
Please view our "2023 Line" product page. Which PATTERN is your LEAST FAVORITE? Why? Add lots of detail (you won't hurt my feelings)!
Why do you shop at Sleepy Peach? If you haven't bought anything before, you can just write "N/A."
OPTIONAL: If you could change one thing about Sleepy Peach, what would you change?
OPTIONAL: Is there a design/pattern you'd love to see us tackle? If so, what is that design?
OPTIONAL: Is there a design/pattern you're sick of seeing (from Sleepy Peach or another store)?
OPTIONAL: Are there any clothing items or accessories you'd like to see added to our store? If so, what kinds of clothing items or accessories?
OPTIONAL: Was there something cool we did this year? If so, what was it?
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