Apply for the June 2018 Cohort
The FINAL STEP in the process to receive @iamTalkyTina Certification and Badge in CREATORIST for the June 2018 Cohort for members of the #ds106 community who are planning on completing all 30 June 2018 The Daily Create prompts #30dayTDC is to fill out and submit the following form. Only applicants who fill out this form are guaranteed of being official considered for official certification in CREATORIST in this June 2018 cohort. Participants from the 2017 cohort are welcome to apply for this year as well. Plus, WHY WOULND'T YOU WANT 2 BADGES INSTEAD OF JUST ONE?
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To be officially assessed for your @iamTalkyTina Certification and Badge in CREATORIST, it is required that you provide the following four pieces of documentation:

1) Your name as you would like it to appear on your certification record and badge;
2) Your twitter handle;
3) A link to the image that you would like to have appear on your badge;
4) A link to the webpage where you are tracking your June 2018 #30dayTDC participation. (It is recommended that you submit this link in advance of the June 30th application closing, and that you continue to add to it as the certification window draws more and more tightly closed! There is a template you can use on my Certifications page!)

Badges will be available on a first one made, first one done basis. That means that once I have made one badge, then I will make the next one. But if you have all of your information submitted in advance, then it will be much easier for you to get your official certification in CREATORIST very quickly. Like if you are just waiting to do #tdc1999 on June 30th and have everything else done and submitted then it will just be like a checkbox and then you can get your badge! (Note that Badges for the 2018 cohort will only be completed once all badges for the 2017 cohort have been sent out.)

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