Below is a survey I created to gain responses on other people’s opinions on one of my first inventions, the BackJack. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video on the product, please watch the brief video before filling out the survey to gain more insight on the raincoat. (Video link located directly below) Please answer the following questions truthfully. This survey is completely anonymous because I am looking for exactly what you believe, not what you think I want to hear.
BackJack Introduction Video
The following questions are on the BackJack
During rainstorms, which do you prefer to use:
How much have you paid for a raincoat in the past:
How much would you be willing to pay for a BackJack:
What kind of modifications would you make to the jacket?
Your answer
If the jacket was in stores today, would you purchase it?
What color would you like to see?
Your answer
If you're a student, what school do you attend? (Optional)
Your answer
How often do you believe you would use the BackJack during rainy weather?
When Ever It Rains
The following questions are simply to help me map responses and are all optional
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Thank you!
Thank you very much for filling out the survey. You're helping me take the next step forward to being an entrepreneur.
-Alex Riley
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