Hilton Central Schools Teacher of the Year
Candidates are judged on their past and current performance in the following areas listed below. The degree to which each has exemplified these characteristics is also taken into account. The order listed below is not indicative of its importance; each category is of equal value to the Hilton Learning Community. ***Please remember that every candidate must have completed FIVE years of service to the district.
Candidates are represented by their nominator at a meeting in May during which they present a case for the candidate. Each year our panel hears testimony, reads letters and documents, or listens to tapes as the individual or group validating a particular candidate heightens the panel’s awareness of the accomplishments of their nominee.

Information for your candidate should somehow document the following:
1. The candidate’s professional knowledge exhibited in the subject areas taught.
2. The candidate’s professional ability to affect and effect a positive learning difference with the students he or she encounters.
3. The candidate’s professional ability to work with colleagues and parents.
4. The candidate’s personal commitment to his/her profession that endures beyond the minimum teaching day.
5. Is a current member of the Teachers’ Union - HCSTA.

With all of these taken into consideration, individuals on the selection panel then score and rank the candidates.

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