Anchor Info Session: Webinars for Winter 2019 Cohort
👍 Anchor Info Session: Webinars for Winter 2019 Cohort

Do you have a business looking to expand? Are you an innovator trying to get funded? Or maybe you are a corporate decision-maker who wants to explore new ideas? The Anchor Taiwan Winter 2019 cohort might be perfect for you. Both Taiwan Innovation Sprint (10-day) and Entrepreneurial Residency (1-month) are now open for application!

To get things off the ground, we would like to invite you to meet Elisa Chiu (, our CEO. We will chat live about how the program works. You will walk away with insights about:

* Resources in Taiwan that can boost your business or career
* How we curate the program and why it works
* What qualifications/characteristics are we looking for
* Sneak peek about Winter 2019 Cohort

🚀Join us for your Asia soft-landing!
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⚓ Anchor Taiwan Winter 2019 Cohort

👊 10-day Taiwan Innovation Sprint: Nov. 8 ~ Nov. 17
🙌 1-month Entrepreneurial Residency: Nov. 8 ~ Dec. 7


Anchor Taiwan is a platform for world-class entrepreneurs and professionals to experience and succeed in Asia through Taiwan. Since its inception in 2017, it has hosted top founders and executives from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, UBS, Deutsche Telekom, Warner Bros., Uber and Intel, to name a few. Specializing in curation, mobilization and execution for win-win cross-border collaboration, Anchor Taiwan provides business advancement and market/cultural immersion for its members while engaging and empowering local communities. In 2019, Anchor Taiwan started setting up Anchor Venture Partners, a cross-border funding vehicle for early stage startups. 👉Find out more:

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*At this event, Anchor Taiwan might conduct written records, photographs, videos, recordings, live broadcast etc., at the indicated venue. By signing up for this event you agree that Anchor Taiwan has the rights to film, photograph, collect and use your personal image, personal information, logo or trademark of your team. The aforementioned information might be edited, reorganized, reproduced, and used as the materials, for public distribution and subsequent marketing for Anchor Taiwan official website, social media and media press release. These materials will be archived for the purpose of the execution and evaluation of the project. By signing up for this event you are deemed to have agreed to the above privacy policy.
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