Freshman Seminar Critical Reading and Argumentative Writing Part 2
Research and Critical Thinking Skills Assessment
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Type the title and author of the database articles you are using for your argumentative writing essay.
This article should be from the Points of View Research Reference Center in Ebsco-host. Example, "How Cellphones in School are a Bad Idea." by Sonia Smith.
Using the Critical Reading Handout answer the following questions about the techniques listed below:
Opinion disguised as fact
Deceptive connotation
Inflated language
Questionable euphemisms
In complete sentences, give an example of an opinion stated as fact.
See the handout for an example.
In complete sentences, explain why someone would use inflated language in an essay?
See the handout for an example.
Compose an argumentative essay. Look at the Points of View databases in Ebsco-host and decide upon a topic that interests you. Work with your partner to complete the following:
a) Confront the issue -What is your essay about?
Using complete sentences, write a short explanation of what you would like to convince your readers to believe.Example: Stem cell research should not be allowed or government funded in the United States.
b) Make your plea. - State the primary reason for your pointof view. Example: Stem cell research currently uses embryonic stem cells that require killing a fetus.
c) State your case. Example: Doctors harvest stem cells from aborted fetuses. This may persuade doctors to encourage abortions.
Present supporting evidence (research your issue and present facts and opinions that support your point of view.)This will require you to sign in to ebsco-host and go to the Points of View Databases to research your topic.
Find an article that supports your view point and either quote or paraphrase their viewpoint.

Example: From The Promises and Pitfalls of Stem Cell Research
“Stem-cell research has much to offer in the way of treatments, or even cures, for devastating diseases and injuries. However, research using human embryonic stem cells -- which can be acquired only by destroying a living, human embryo -- must not be condoned, or paid for, by the United States government. " Kris Clouthier
d) Write your research information here.
e) Counter their opposition with rebuttal and/or additional informaton.
Example: Instead, federal funding should go to researching adult stem cells, which have already proved themselves useful in treating patients, and can be obtained without destroying lives
f) and g) Don't change the subject and sum up your case.
Use the persuasive vocabulary to reinforce your argument. Example: In point of fact, adult stem cells are just as effective as using embryos and less controversial. Using adult stem cells doesn't require the taking of any life. Regardless of whether or not you believe an unborn fetus is fully human or not, it is nevertheless a living being. Moreover, using such stem cells lessens the benefit of the life saving that is purported because life is being taken in the process.
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