Delegate Registration Form 2020
Welcome Delegate.

We are pleased to announce the Model United Nations-IGMUN of the socio-cultural festival of IIT Jodhpur - IGNUS and request your participation to make it even bigger and better than before. IGNUS is biggest Socio-Cultural Fest of North-West India and it will be a delight to have your participation in the same.

*The conference will be held from 22nd-23rd of February 2020 at IIT Jodhpur.

Steps to Register :
1. Go to and click on register
2. After successful registration, you will receive a mail from ignus with IG number. Note it down for future reference.
3. Using the IG number, Fill out details of this form.
4. You will be informed via call when payment portal is opened.

For any queries, please mail us at: You can also stay in touch through our social media platforms like Facebook (MUN IIT Jodhpur) and instagram (mun.iitj) for more news and updates visit-

We are accepting forms only in English.
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