Forward South Cambridge Timothy Teamers 2018-2019
Timothy Teamers is a unique ministry created with the conviction that Christians are never too young to serve the church.
Timothy Teamers is a three-year program built specifically for junior high students (grades 6-8) that will raise the bar on their level of discipleship through group study and regular service throughout the church. If you are hungry for more, this is where you’ll find it!

Please fill out this form by September 7, 2018. Service requests are processed as we receive them, beginning immediately, so the sooner this form is filled out, the better!

The commitment to Timothy Teamers includes two parts:

1. Regular, monthly service in the church. As much as possible, we endeavour to place students in a requested area. Students in grades 6 or 7 may choose to serve once or twice per month. Grade 8 students may choose to serve one, two or three times per month, noting that serving three times is a large commitment and should only be undertaken with careful consideration.

2. Commitment to, and attendance at our monthly meetings, held on the first Sunday of each month during the second church service (11:00 - 12:15). Our meeting dates for 2018-2019 are September 30 (note: this earlier date is due to Thanksgiving falling on our usual meeting date), November 4, December 2, January 6, February 3, March 3, April 7, May 5 and June 2. Please add these dates to your calendar and consider these meetings an important part of being a Timothy Teamer. These meetings include a Bible Study as well as education about living a Christ-centred life through serving others.

Should you have any questions about Timothy Teamers, do not hesitate to call/text Miss Kim Stenhouse at 519-590-4722 or send her an email at

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Are you a new or returning Timothy Teamer? If you are a new Teamer, we will be following up with a few more questions, sent to a parent email. *
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During which church service would you like to do your Timothy Teamer volunteering? *
What is your first choice of service area? (All TT will have at least one monthly service area and we will make every effort to give you your preferred choice. The slots get filled on a first-come, first-served basis.) *
What is your second choice of service area? (Please only fill this out if you want to serve as a TT TWICE a month. We will endeavour to give you the service area you choose. Leave blank if you want to serve only once per month.)
What is your third choice of service area? (Please only fill this out if you want to serve THREE TIMES per month. Note: this is a huge commitment and is only recommended for students in grade 8, and after careful consideration of the time commitment required.)
Do you have a preference of which week(s) to serve? We do not serve Week 1 because that is the week we have our meeting. *
Do you have any special requests or things we need to know? This includes, but is not limited to letting us know about learning needs, family situations that may affect TT involvement such as custodial arrangements, life-threatening allergies, or requests to serve that don't fit the lists above (e.g. both services on one particular day with a parent who is serving etc.). Please also feel free to connect with Miss Stenhouse to discuss anything you wish. Our goal is to provide a safe, happy environment to nurture young servants of Christ.
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Finally, Timothy Teamers can only run with a group of at least 7 adults who are committed to serving these terrific youth. This is an optional question, but if you have time to be involved in this awesome ministry on the first Sunday of every month (October to June), we'd love to have you. Respond below if you are interested.
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