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How long have you been married for? *
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Did you take any form of counselling before marriage? *
If yes, was home management taught in any of your counselling sessions?
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If yes, were you satisfied with what was taught?
If yes, was home management described as a responsibility for both partners or the whole family?
If no, do you wish you had been exposed to the reality of home management before marriage?
Which sentence best describes home management to you?
Who carries the major responsibility for home management decisions in your home currently? *
Do you think home management should be understood by partners before marriage? *
Can you say that you have mastered the management of your home? *
Would you have wanted to know your partner's view on home management before marriage? *
Were there surprises in your expectation of home management before marriage compared to the reality of it after marriage *
If yes, care to share a few examples
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