Player Town Application
Please input all requested information for your player town idea! We can't wait to see what you've come up with.
What is the name of your town idea? This doesn't need to be finalized, just give us something to call it. *
Please give us a general description of your town. Feel free to include links to reference images/material. *
Who will be on your town council? This must be 5-11 players, with 25% of the council being staff members. *
Where would you like your town to be located? You may give us coordinates of an area, or link us to an image of dynmap that you have marked up. You MAY NOT create a whole new continent/biome or dramatically change the terrain of an area - work with our map, not against it! *
What will be your block palette? This may be up to 20 blocks that will be included in your contractor shop. *
Please give us a rough description of the lore of your town. This doesn't need to be website-worthy, just help us understand what makes your town tick. *
Please link us to images of the following things: 1) Road Design, 2) Mailbox Design, 3) Plot Borders, and 4) One or Two Town Builds *
FINAL QUESTION: Do you understand that any of the following will cause your town to be rejected immediately and be moved to the back of the "line" for player towns? 1) Pet or Personal Projects, 2) Copyright Infringements, 3) Unclear Themes, 4) Similarity to Another Town/Project, and 5) Server Strain. On similarity, a town in the mushroom forest south of NT, or that is medieval fairytale/RPG themed will be considered too similar to another town/project. *
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